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Every point of view is subjective. Throughout history there have been facts that later get proven not to be facts. Do your research. Check references. Learn what the mainstream considers objective truth. Your personal experience and perspective creates your truth which may differ than the mainstream.

When you express your true feelings it can empower you and boost your self-esteem. You may get others to realize their knowledge in certain areas is flawed and positive change can result. Yahoo Political editor Garance Franke-Ruta wrote: “Sometimes you know something is real and happened and is wrong, even if the world says it’s just the way things are. It’s a call to activism rooted in the individual story, grounded in personal experience.”

It’s important to understand the consequences of bucking the system. You must be prepared that others may not be open to what you are telling them. You need to be flexible and open to new perspectives if they present themselves. Be tactful, be assertive.

The 5th primary chakra is located at our throat. In Sanskrit it is named Vishuddi which translates in English to ‘especially pure.’ Balance in our communication, both in talking and listening, stems from here. If this chakra is out of balance we can express ourselves in manipulative and harmful ways. We may avoid speaking up and let others control us. Feeling like you are not being heard or considered. Speaking your truth helps to achieve balance in your communication. It allows you to ask the right questions and manifest your highest potential.

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