The term "woo-woo" became popular as a slang term in the 1980s for someone who believes in aspects of existence that cannot currently be backed up by science. Although skeptics sometimes use the term in a derogatory manner, the metaphysical community has reclaimed Woo as an empowering and proud identity.

Today, someone who is Woo knows there is more to this life than can be experienced with the five senses. Our hope is that our products help you find your tribe in the holistic and mystical community.

There are various theories on the origin of the term. It possibly stems from the eerie sounds in old horror movies or the sounds produced by the instrument called a Theramin.

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For our shirts and tank tops we use a process called Direct-to-garment (DTG) which is similar to printing on paper. Pigmented water-based inks are applied to the garments and are absorbed the product's fibers.

Sublimation is a techinque that uses heat and pressure to apply dyes to products such as masks, mugs and accessories.

For paper products we use digital printers that use professional-grade inks.

All of our products are made to order. We see this as a more eco-friendly solution than stocking hundreds of products at one time for immediate shipping. As an example our unisex T-Shirt comes in 12 different colors with sizes of Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL and 3XL. That would be 72 combinations for every design we offer.

You will be sent tracking information by email when the order is shipped. Many orders arrive within 10 days of purchase, but some might arrive after that.

Orders go into production shortly after purchase so most likely not. You can contact us here or at support@somethingwoo.com with any concerns.

Contact us here or at support@somethingwoo.com.

Our store platform does not support stackable discount codes so only one code can be used per order. When your cart contains $100 or more a Discount Code is automatically is applied to give you the 15% discount. Adding your own code will cancel that 15% and you will need to exit the cart and go back to it to get the 15% discount again.

Yes! You enter gift card numbers in the same location as discount codes but both can be used at the same time.

Something Woo is built by a team of designers who hope our products bring fun and joy to our customers :)

If you have a Stellar Critter you want on a mask, garment or accessory that does not exist yet please write us at support@somethingwoo.com and let us know so we’ll prioritize it :)